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Speed Camera and City Driving: Important Tips

Por: Marcela B.


Safe traffic is everyone’s responsibility, where prudence, care and attention is essential to avoid accidents and ensure safety in traffic.

Therefore, it is always important to pay close attention to the rules and put them into practice.


Remembering that when we are driving we are not only responsible for the lives of those who are with us in the vehicle, but also those around us, whether on foot or driving.

Also, in addition to being responsible, in order to drive safely in the city, you must have technical knowledge of the current legislation and the operation of the roads.

And thinking exactly about that, I’ve separated some important tips for you about speed camera and driving in the city. Follow up and put them into practice.

Keep an Eye on Speed Limits in Urban Areas

It is common knowledge that different roads have different speed limits. This limit varies according to traffic, size, flow of people and several other variables.

This is to ensure safe driving and that the vehicle may be able to maneuver or come to a complete stop before causing an accident. In this sense, this becomes even more important in areas where there are schools or hospitals.

To know the maximum speed, there are usually signs on the road that are easy to see indicating the maximum speed allowed. If there are no signs, the most recommended thing is to follow the regulations on urban roads:

  • Eight kilometers per hour, on rapid transit routes;
  • Sixty kilometers per hour on arterial roads;
  • Forty kilometers per hour on collector roads;
  • Thirty kilometers per hour on local roads.

It is important to emphasize that it is necessary to respect the speed limits not only for safety, but also to avoid fines.

Use Navigation Apps With Speed Camera Alerts to Avoid Violations

Surely we will all agree that no one likes to get traffic tickets for speeding. Sometimes the driver can be distracted and some radar ends up going unnoticed, and here comes the fine!

Technology has arrived to make our lives easier in many ways, and even in traffic we can count on it in an accessible and fast way. Now we can have access to several navigation applications.

These tools are very complete and indicate the radars of the roads, where we can park and fill up the car, routes and much more.

Many even have radar alerts in their features, so the app notifies you in advance when there is a radar near you.

But does not stop there! These applications also report the presence of roadblocks, accidents and even indicate the best route. All in real time based on information from other drivers in traffic.

Among the best navigation apps I can recommend:

  • CamSam
  • Google Maps
  • Waze

AppWazeWaze knows that real-time traffic alerts help you avoid headachesSee NowYou will be redirected to another website

To avoid annoying fines you have to have one of them on your device.

Tips for Safe and Conscious Driving in Urban Areas With Speed Camera

Studies show that 90% of traffic accidents are caused by human error. That is why it is essential to always ensure safety and avoid accidents. For safer driving, check out some important tips below:

  • Always wear a seat belt: It sounds silly, but it bears repeating. Belts are mandatory for all vehicle occupants. Using it can save lives, as well as avoiding fines.
  • Keep your distance from the vehicle in front: Maintaining an adequate distance is a basic rule, which makes traffic safer. Thanks to this, it is possible to have enough time to carry out a maneuver if necessary in the face of a risk or problem.
  • Respect the signs: The signs are not for nothing on the road. They inform and guide drivers. Therefore, it is essential to obey the signs and observe the signs.
  • Don’t use your cell phone when you’re behind the wheel: This is another tip that should always be remembered. Even knowing the consequences, many people still use their cell phones while driving.

Using it while driving, in addition to generating a very serious fine, can cause serious accidents.

Remember, you too can do your part to have safer traffic!

Posted and reviewed Marcela B. Curiosities on 24/04/24
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